GTF Statement on the Passing of Costa Carras

The Greek Turkish Forum (GTF) mourns the loss of Costa Carras, founding member of the Forum and Coordinator of the Greek Chapter, from 1998 until 2021.

Costa Carras was an outstanding personality who devoted his life to the values of Democracy, to the promotion of peaceful coexistence between peoples, and the preservation of cultural heritage. His deep knowledge of our region and his dedication to resolving differences through dialogue and understanding contributed to the climate of trust essential for keeping the GTF active during the years of troubled relations between the two countries.

Born in London in 1938, Costa Carras studied at Trinity College in Oxford University and the Littauer School of Public Administration at Harvard University. Returning to London, he worked in the shipping industry for many years. During the years of dictatorship in Greece, he was active in the resistance movement.

In 1997 he settled in Athens with his wife Lydia, always actively engaged in his multiple pursuits.

Costa Carras believed in dialogue as a means to promote peace and reconciliation in our broader region. In this spirit, he was a founding member of Friends of Cyprus in London and the Centre for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southern Europe.

For him, building a peaceful future should include respect for the environment and our cultural heritage. He had the chance to have a life companion that shared his vision and passions; together with his wife Lydia, they founded the Greek Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage. He was President of this Society between 1972-1975 and 2001-2008. Since 1973, he has represented the Greek Society for the Environment in Europa Nostra and played an instrumental role in saving several important historical monuments and heritage sites in Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey.

As a person, he was warm, passionate, and hospitable, always ready to show solidarity to those repressed or in need. He never hesitated to express his views courageously, and during our meetings, we were consistently impressed by the depth of his knowledge and the strength of his dedication.

He will be dearly missed by all current and former members of the GTF. His legacy will inspire us in the Forum in our future collective efforts.

Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife Lydia, children, and grandchildren.

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