The Greek Turkish Forum members participated to Corfu meeting on July 2015

The Greek Turkish Forum maintains its contribution to the establishment of sustainable dialogue between Greece and Turkey. Recently, some of the GTF members, including Mr. Erdil Nami, Mr. Mensur Akgün and Mrs. Paulina Lampsa, attended to a brain storming session held in Corfu Island, Greece on July 2015. In the meeting in which bilateral relations between Greece and Turkey and recent developments in the Cyprus were discussed, the GTF members expressed their opinions.

An image from the meeting in Corfu Island, Greece on July 2015

Following the meeting, Cem-Papandreou Peace Award hosted a ceremony in which the GTF was awarded with a plaque for the recognition of its contribution to the peace. Mr. George Papandreou and Mrs. İpek Cem Taha gave the plaque to Mr. Nami who received it on behalf of the Forum. In his receiving speech, Mr. Nami mentioned that although the Greek-Turkish relations have passed through hard stages, time showed individuals like Mr. Papandreou and Mr. Cem, who are committed to peace, are durable even during those hard stages.

Mr. Erdil Nami accepting the plaque from Mr. Papandreou and Mrs. Cem Taha
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