The Greek Turkish Forum membership is by invitation only. Members act on their own personal capacity and do not represent any institution, state, or government.

Costa Carras

Born London in 1938. Studied at Trinity College, Oxford and the Littauer School of Public Administration, Harvard. Has lived in Athens with his wife, Lydia, since 1997.

He is a founder and member of the Committee of “Friends of Cyprus”, a London-based organisation committed to the withdrawal of occupying forces from Cyprus and to intercommunal rapprochement. An initiator of contacts between Greek and Turkish Cypriots since 1985, he has been since 1998 Greek Coordinator of the Greek Turkish Forum, a group of prominent individuals working in their personal capacity to improve and strengthen Greek-Turkish bi-lateral relations, and those between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. He has frequently contributed articles to the “Friends of Cyprus” Annual Report.

He was co-founder and Board member of the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeastern Europe based in Thessaloniki (1995-2018), responsible for the Joint History Project which brought together academics working for improved history teaching and produced six working books for the benefit of history teachers in schools throughout the region.

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