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Mehmet Hasan Göğüş

Ambassador Göğüş graduated from the Faculty of Political Science, Ankara University, and obtained an M.A. degree in international relations from the same University.

After joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1977, he served in various capacities in New Delhi, Geneva, London, and Vienna. He was appointed as ambassador to India (also accredited to Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives) in 2001. Ambassador Göğüş then went on to represent Turkey in Greece, Austria and Portugal. He successfully coordinated Turkey’s campaign for the UN Security Council membership for 2009-11. He also served as the Deputy Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for the EU and bilateral relations with European countries.

Currently he is a member of Board of Trustees of Okan University, İstanbul.

He was honored by Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands with the decoration of ‘OrangeNassau”. His memoires, Diplomacy in Difficult Capitals, were published in 2020.

Ambassador Göğüş speaks English and French.

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