The Greek Turkish Forum membership is by invitation only. Members act on their own personal capacity and do not represent any institution, state, or government.

Paulina Lampsa

Paulina Lampsa is an international relations expert with a long experience in conflict management and senior positions in the Greek administration. She has been member of the Board for two consecutive terms of the U.K. based charity , International Alert . Currently she is Head of the Office of the President of the Socialist International ,the larger global organisation of progressive political parties and coordinator of the Cem-Papandreou International Peace Award. She is also Head of the Organizing Committee of the International Annual Symi Symposium . Founding member of the Greek Turkish Forum and recipient of the Abdi Ipekci Peace Prize, she had an active role in the Greek- Turkish rapprochement and participated in many track one and a half diplomacy initiatives regarding the Eastern Mediterranean .

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